evironmental reminisence

The modern environmental movement began in 1970. That was a big year for me. I not only started recycling, it was the year the world of music opened up for a kid from the suburbs. This world was revealed to me by Frank Zappa. thumbnailcarhrhr31

I was a Rocker turned Zappa Freak.  Zappa led me to Modern Music, and wanting to be a composer. I came to love Stravinsky, Varese and other favorites of Frank; while at the same time, through the radio, I discovered jazz. I embraced the music of Coltrane, Rollins, Monk, Miles, Ornette, Cecil Taylor, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, and many others.

thumbnailcawf1t8m1You could say I was an environmentalist by recycling and turning off lights(my father loved that), but today the meaning has changed, something that happens with so many words used by the Left. Lost of all meaning are significant words like “peace”, “justice”, “fairness”, etc.

Since 1970 the air and water are cleaner, even with growing population. Starting in the 70s there were environmental activists who cordially sat down with corporations to retool and make changes which were beneficial to the environment. They did not demand closure of all energy producing operations like the Enviro-Marxists and the people who call themselves environmentalist today, who want us to live like the poor of the Third World, or a Soveit clinging to prescious squares of toilet paper.

thumbnailcalxdo251A Green Monster can’t blend in with the tribe. Let us remember and give thanks to the OG Greens. They were effective and beneficial to all people (except millions of Africans who died because they banned DDT) and the environment.(Yes, I also know they were always a bunch of Socialists. I’m trying to be positive.) This common sense approach should either be adopted by the Green Movement, or the Greens should be recycled. We can make something useful from them rather than be dragged back to being dirty, diseased, cold and hungry. Save the humans, eat the Greens.

4 Responses to “evironmental reminisence”

  1. DDT was never banned in Africa. No millions died because of a lack of DDT. Malaria parasites mutated to beat the drugs we treated malaria with. And mosquitoes mutated to be immune to DDT. But DDT has been used constantly in Africa (not in all parts) since 1946.

    Malaria is a tough foe. Spraying more poison on Africa won’t work medical miracles.

  2. Thank you for the comment. What is your source? And would you go well with green beans?

  3. Sources? Come on over to Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub; each point is documented in the posts on those topics.

    For the best single rundown on what actually happened in Africa, check out Malcolm Gladwell’s long piece on WHO’s fight against malaria, originally in the New Yorker, here:

    I get along well with green beans, but not as an accompanying dish.

    • Interesting artical. Kind of long for a jazz musician to read. I do admire Snoper’s(inventer of DDT) can do attitude.

      It’s worth further investigation on my part. Not sure we really disagree. I see no meal here.

      Please come back again. I do recomend others look at your blog.

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