media news

NPR will now broadcast the Call To Prayer every Friday.

CNN and MSNBC are going blue on Sundays.  Tea-Bag Cooper and Rachel Madcow will host shows featuring live gay sex orgies. With features such as “Republican Sex” and webcams connected to orgies taking place in abandoned churches in Europe.

thumbnailca6322jp2The New York Times has sold 49 percent ownership in the paper to the King of Saudi Arabia. The pinch is hurting us all. Turned down in Washington for a bail out(for now) the paper will only feature Paul Krugman and excerpts from the Koran. The fashion section will show this seasons latest burka styles(black bag or blue bag) and how pant suits are great for covering tattoos and sexuality.


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                                                                              Dressed to Kill

3 Responses to “media news”

  1. “NPR will now broadcast the Call To Prayer every Friday.”

    Is this a joke?

  2. No, NPR is real and recieves money from the taxpayers.

    But they need to pad their budget with funds from Islamist Front Groups and individual radical muslims who have infiltrated the sensitive liberal bastion called Public Broadcasting. They have a lifestyle to maintain…and they are afraid of the Muslims. They don’t know that it’s only the likes of the Marines that can protect them.

    (It’s not a good joke if you have ask.)

  3. I can’t believe this. I just found out the BBC gets a HUGE amount of funding from the BBC. We are living in a Geobbels-media controlled world. We’ll have to take on the media if we want to get our country back to the founding fathers’ dream.

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