a musician, not a victim


First I got this:


XD sub-compact 9mm

Then this:



I want one of these:

rifle_TTR-XASF_large01 Para USA

But more practically, I should get this:


45 Springfield Armory

or the Para 45 at the top

3 Responses to “a musician, not a victim”

  1. You need a .30-30 leaver action, with practice you can shoot almost as fast and it has alot more knockdown power.

    The added plus is that it’s fun to shoot and since there isn’t a run on them, care and feeding is alot cheaper, too.

  2. “with practice you can shoot almost as fast”

    There in lies the problem. I don’t practice. You might notice I like the high capacity guns. I understand “one shot, one kill” but my aim isn’t that good.
    The XD gives me 19 shots, and the Para 45 holds 14 rounds. I should hit something.

    I do want more “knockdown power” and if I can swing it, I’d like to get a 1911 or some other kind of 45. I have to check if you can even find ammo for it first.

    Thanks for the comment, I have learned what .30-30 lever action means.
    I looked it up. Fire arms are fun.

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