the jumper

A brutal act of war (9/11) has brought this blog to life this week. Thousands visited Word-Drum, mostly to see this photo:


No matter the sex, nationality, or political affiliation of the jumper, he or she, is on the minds of many people.

While the Left is now directing energy to stop the fight against the Taliban and to pull all Coalition Forces out of Afghanistan. They haven’t given the jumper a second thought.

Perusing some Mil-Blogs, especially comments from Military Personnel and Vets, my own belief is reinforced: that the fight must be maintained and American and other Coalition Forces must remain in the region.

But like Iraq, I won’t be killed or wounded, and don’t like being an arm-chair general, or playing God. But that never stopped me before. My position will only change when the Islamists declare an end to the jihad against the West (this won’t happen unless they are defeated. Takiyah allows Muslims to lie to us and remain faithful to Islam.)

The Bush Administration beat the hell out of Al Qaeda. I have been over stating the Islamic Problem for years…just incase. But with our current Administration, my prediction of a major strike on America, one year after the election of a Democrat President (I thought it would be Hellary at the time) is still good.

When Israel strikes Iran, oil prices will skyrocket, hello Hezbos: blowing shit up and killing as many innocents as possible. They might even come up from Venezuela along with other Red Armies, Along with Iranian or NoKo nukes striking cities or setting off an EMP attack. All this in the middle of a civil war set off by a Leftist takeover of America.

2010 will be a bitch.

I can see the plane coming. The building is fine now, but what’s that plane up to?

2 Responses to “the jumper”

  1. 2010 will be a year of of forces already in motion, moving to a tipping point. The spontaneous outpouring of our citizens against the evil done to us on 9/11/2001 is still in our blood. The job has not been done, and it is clear there is no interest by leadership in people’s White House to do anything. The millions that showed up uninvited around this country on 9/12/2009 is not a media television event. We knew there would not be any video or newspaper coverage. We don’t need the media. This country wants justice to be done from 2001, and we want to stop wasting our lives in half hearted police actions around the globe. The terrorists will strike us again. The nation’s response, and the immediate change in nation’s leadership will surely follow,. The unrest and building resentment in this country is deeper and stronger than anyone imagines or envisions.

  2. Taking out Saddam helped keep us safe and got rid of an evil tyrant. You may disagree that striking fear into the hearts of our enemies is a wise policy.

    I do appreciate your comments and all the sentiments. If you think we have been “half-hearted” in our response, you might be right. But we are Americans after all, and don’t much like the brutality of war. But we can only stand so many Pacifists and Isolationists.

    9/12/2009 in DC was beautiful! My town too had a spirted gathering. Our movement is strong and growing!

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