hannah the angel


guest blogger: Dirty Floor

[Dirty Floor is a guy I let sleep under my car once in a while. You might remember him. He used to live in Ohio where he famously received crack from ACORN to cast votes for Democrats.

He saw Hannah Giles on TV, the hottie that cracked ACORN wide open. He keeps trying to get in my apartment to see if she is on Fox News. I only let him in to make this blog post, so he would stop bugging me.]


“Dirty Floor here. Dude let me do the blog dog thing. Man if I only knew what kind of plays my CORN peeps were down with. I have more business ideas than most people think. First thing is my own [crack] line. Put Mr. Long Death [his crack dealer] out on the street like me. Think I like sleeping under people’s cars!?”

“Miss Hannah Giles, if you can hear me, I would like to go on a date with you.” [I tried to explain to him that she was only playing a hooker.]

“I’d take a bath first. My real name ain’t Dirty Floor, it’s Florien Stain. My mama calls me Crack-Head, but I tell her it’s an alternative life-style that I choose to partake in. I think you would understand Hannah.”

[I tell him she is a nice conservative girl and would never go out with him. He sits in front of the keyboard not typing. I think he’s going to cry.]

“God Bless you Miss Hannah. I’ll pray for you. I see what you are trying to do: to clean up the filth. Hell, even old Dirty Floor can be shined-up and redeemed.”shawshank

“Them ACORN bitches (pardon my language Angel) got enough sense to be in business legit. So does my nephew who went with the thug life to get paid. He’s got a head for figures and business. I’d like to see that boy straighten out, and set up in a nice house with his family. Where no one can take it away from him…or take his life. Them politicians been playing folks for too long. I thank my friend here for letting me send you a message. I knew you were an Angel when I saw you on TV. I will talk to Pastor John, and ask God to forgive me, and pray every day for you.”

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