video: ruger 45(p345) demo +

There’s a Ruger factory near by. As soon as I can swing it, I’ll get a 45 (for my other hand). I really like the XD 45, a Para like this, or a Glock 21 45ACP, this Ruger is cheaper (but has less capacity). I’ll have to see what kind of deals are available. Please let me know which pistol has the least kick to it. I am a piano-player after all and don’t like a strong recoil. I don’t know if I’ll be able to try the weapon before purchasing it. The video is kind of amusing too. WARNING: THIS GUY HAS HIS FINGER ON THE TRIGGER WHEN IT SHOULD NOT BE THERE. THANK YOU KURT P.

This next video makes me feel good about my first choice in a handgun.

This dude has a 32 round mag for the XD subcompact!  Hear that Santa!? The only problem with it is the shortness of the SubCompact grip.

4 Responses to “video: ruger 45(p345) demo +”

  1. They should make them also in pink – for blondes 😉

  2. Great to hear from you Shimona. I’m sure you know much more about guns than me. If you want a pink one, that can be arranged. Blondes usually get whatever they want. God Bless.

  3. Can’t say I’d really loike to be around the guys in that first video, the way he’s got his boogerhook on the rigger and waving that pistol around like it was a toy.

  4. You are right Mr. P. I have added a warning and will never handle a weapon like that. Thanks.

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