all this can be yours

Now that I have your attention: I know soldiers visit Word-Drum. Some of them have their own very good blogs. Those who don’t should write a post for this site. Tell us about coming home, or going to war…whatever the fuck you want.

I promise a share of all the profits from this blog, and my girl-friend (pictured above) will come to your home and clean your rifle. But don’t take that to the bank.

Whenever I try this (I asked for rhymes from returning soldiers, to make a hip-hop collaboration where I do the music) it never works. But I supported Mitt Romney, then John McCain and I’m still a Phoenix Suns fan. So why stop now?

FaceBook blows. Blogs are where it’s at. Anything you have to offer would be appreciated and make this space much more interesting. I offer a permanant place here if you want it. I miss my old boss Lance at The Muslim Question Blog. He’s a Vet, and even though it was only through the Internet, it was a great learning experience to work with him. He had that sense of humor only found in soldiers. He’s probably mad at me for going off the wall after Obama won. But he hates everybody, that’s part of his charm.

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