creeping creeps



6a00d8341c60bf53ef011570c7b542970b-150wiPamela Geller, the fire-brand blogger from Neu Yawk, now has a show on Blog Talk Radio. The subject of today’s show was close to my heart: Creeping Sharia/Jihad in America.

Dave Gaubatz was the guest (author of the new book Muslim Mafia). He has been working to expose CAIR, who could be like ACORN: the latest acronymed organization under extreme fire (God willing).


                                 Hold Your Tongue

snake-tongueSpeaking of creeps, Anita Dunn, another one in the Hussein Administration, suffers from Mao Ze Tongue. If you haven’t seen the video – here

It’s like her tongue is trying to escape from her mouth. “Don’t blame me” it might say, “it’s her head that’s fucked up.”

I’ve spent about ten seconds in the last five years watching MSNBC. I happen to see they were talking about the above mentioned book. It was that guy Maddow’s show. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on TV since watching the Towers fall from my apartment in Amsterdam.

Needless to say, it had to do with a character assault on the author and any who would tell the truth about CAIR. Mr. Madcow was joined by a piggy Muj who would use Political Correctness to destroy us. Burn in Hell MSNBC.

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