resurgent tmq

Resurgent Islam and resurgent communism are a plague on humanity (the only thing worse would be resurgent disco). My favorite Cav Trooper Patriot Tough Guy, and Internet Mentor, Lance, the proprietor of The Muslim Question 2 Blog, has asked me to fill in for him for a while.

He has passed me his sword to slash and hash-out the Muslim Question. Questioning those Muslims who do more than question us infidels. Their criticism might be valid, but their response to us and their own women and children needs to met with a war for human rights. Freedom_Sign

3 Responses to “resurgent tmq”

  1. I might have a new handle at tmq2, ‘Jew Dawg’ or ‘Frank Rappa’!?

  2. you are the bullshit you people first do the negative things against Islam than expect humbleness from us the fundamentalist and that is the biggest mistake u do asshole

    • Everything is against Islam. Life is against Islam. It’s impossible for infidels to not insult you. But we have free speech in America ,so screw you.

      You want war, you got it.

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