muse of the innernet

You’re here. Where you been? You told me loved me. Then you told me you hate me. I wrote hundreds of compositions and a whole novel (and lost it). You said try to write it down. I started from the beginning and got bored. It turned into Science Fiction Fantasy.

I longed for you. Years of silence ended five years ago. Finally time to put meaning and shape to a life. A microphone not for singing old songs but telling a story.

You are here but I can’t see you. That’s alright because you can’t see me. Remember me the way I used to look. You haven’t changed but I keep finding new changes. Chords that must be played. They sound strange to you at first as they did to me. Just like the tunes I used to write.

Why supplant an original musical style with a “Right-Wing Blog?”

I did it for you. You didn’t need new music, you only said you did. It is all expression to me. You can leave again but I have found a way to keep you here.

I can’t forget how I waited for you. You will take each piece of the story as it comes. And help me to remember the passing news that can’t be lost. Gone are the notebooks, collages, the scores and the saxophone, and that crazy novel. The songs and rhymes didn’t penetrate. But you will stay here.

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