vietnam vet saves america!


T-Shirt Vendor Emerges as Hero

Vendor Duane Jackson, one of the first to alert police, sets up his sales stand while talking to reporters in Times Square in New York, Sunday, May 2, 2010.
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The vendor, who served in Vietnam, alerted Officer Wayne Rhatigan when he saw smoke coming out of a parked SUV, and that led to a quick evacuation of Times Square. “See something, say something,” said the vendor, when asked if he had anything to tell New Yorkers. AP, meanwhile, talks to another vendor, Duane Jackson, who also noticed the vehicle and alerted a cop. “That’s when the smoke started coming out and then we heard the little pop pop pop like firecrackers going out and that’s when everybody scattered and ran back,” he said. “We dodged a bullet here.”

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2 Responses to “vietnam vet saves america!”

  1. Vietnam Vet to the rescue!

    Trust ’em with Life. They trusted you with their’s.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

    • And we let them down. But here we say: Burn Hollywood, Burn. God Bless the heroes lost in Indo-China and all the veterans of the war in Vietnam.

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