gig for god

One never knows where a gig might lead. Last week I had a gig playing for God.

I had to ask The Creator why He made the Universe?

“Well” He said, “for the visuals and for human music.”

“Really!?” I said.

He continued:

“Some say I’m the Supreme Artist. But if that were true, the Universe wouldn’t work.”

“But I do enjoy listening to the music from Earth while I watch the all the goings-on among my creation.”

“I’m more of an Inventor and Scientist, although I‘m retired now.”

He told me that one day in 1960 He heard John Coltrane playing.

And it wasn’t coming from His stereo!

The music had reached the Heavens. God reached out to Trane just as He had to Bach. Trane infused his Quartet with this glory from God.

But it wasn’t a power trip. The Big Guy really dug the music. He was kind of a Beatnik back then.

He didn’t create African Music. But God knew it’s power and wanted to spread and broaden it. I’m not saying He supported Slavery. He certainly didn’t create that either. He foresaw Jazz Music, which could only be created in America.

He loved all kinds of music, but His favorite was American. He was a musician Himself. He told me He has a room with a thousand guitars. When He played a power-chord it really sounded like it was from God!

After Coltrane, for only a blink in time, the music from a Stratocaster reached into the stratosphere and made Him listen…

Like many older jazz fans, He missed the Great Ones. “I even miss Miles” He told me. “He was a sinner but his bands and his concept were always Top-Shelf.”


To tell you the truth, I was really nervous talking to Him. It was like going to a Shrink, the Pricipal’s Office and a Police Interrogation Room all wrapped into one.

He knew I was apprehensive and just told me to “Watch it.”

5 Responses to “gig for god”

  1. Jingwei Says:

    Hi Word-drum

    I came across your website on my search for images of Jazz legends and am writing on behalf of The Rake – a magazine on gentlemanly sophistication and style – to request for the use of these images found on your website – specifically, images of John Coltrane. Our upcoming issue is music-themed you see and we’re featuring them.

    If you don’t own the images, or got them from somewhere else, could you please let me know the source? Do contact me at my email: Would really appreciate your help, thank you!!

    Cheers (:

    Revolution Press Pte. Ltd.
    211 Henderson Road #07-03
    Singapore 159552
    +65 6535 0079

    • Like the Internet they come from Al Gore (major stock holder in GOOGLE). I took them from Google Images.

      How are things in Singapore? Might it be a good place for an ExPatroit American Jazz Musician?

  2. Ann Juurinen Says:

    This was quite marvellous. The Great Creator and the creative person – well, one dwells within the other maybe.

    • Thanks Ann. He works in mysterious ways. So do artists.

      Music, poetry, visual art, all have mystery and can’t be reduced to this or that, or even really be totally understood.

      Was Coltrane (or any other artist) touched and chosen by God? I’m not sure, but it could be amusing for Him, and for us to contemplate.

      • Ann Juurinen Says:

        Lately I have been thinking how the creative life is often filled with synchronisitic moments. It is a path or net that I have been aware has deeper implications for me. Those moments tell me that I am on the right path (for the moment) and remind me not to get too stuck on myself or my own ideas. Still my ego inflates and mesmerizes me with grandiose thoughts of being “right”.

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