joke book

Word-Drum News Headlines:

                              Bar Explodes Killing 2

The victims were Father Finnegan and Rabbi Rosenberg. This time a bar went into a Priest and a Rabbi.


                              Poultry Heist

“I had to ask him why the chicken crossed the road.” said Melvin Moorehouse who witnessed the crime. “The thief offered the birds some feed and tried to lead them away from the truck. But one of them ran across the street. He told me he loved that chicken, that’s why he crossed the road. I think he loved him too hard.”


Why did Barack and Michelle Obama cross the road?…

To get away from the White House.

Why didn’t they cross the road?

BAAAAACKKK! There was a huge Tea Party going on across from the White House.


A Priest, a Rabbi, and a chicken cross the road…and go into a bar.

“Welcome Rabbi. Welcome Father.” says the bartender.

”Get out of here, Chicken. I told you to go across the street to The Colonel’s if you want a drink.”

(OK, so that answers why the chicken crossed the road…)

“What would you like, Gentlemen?”

“Whiskey all around, my friend.” says the Priest.

“We are going to a Tea Party so we will just need a small glass of bolstering spirit.”

“Was that chicken going too?” asks the bartender.

“No, he’s a Moderate. He thinks he’s smarter than us, like all Moderates. But we know he’s really just a chicken.”

2 Responses to “joke book”

  1. Dear Mr. Drum,
    Mother Hen here. She has said it before, and by gum she will say it again, chickens do not cross roads! They travel on the back of a truck as God intended.
    Mother also takes issue with the common slight upon the character of chickens everywhere, which is that the word chicken is synonymous with “coward.” How would you like it if someone said that about your mother, Buster?
    Chickens are courageous fowl who protect their young fiercely, and MH is the fiercest Mother of them all, so you had better shape up and be respectful, sir! Nobody messes with this hen!
    Courageously yours,
    Mother Hen
    (PS Mother does hope that she hasn’t offended anyone in the course of this rant. She is brave, still very polite.)

    • Mother H,

      No chickens or moderates read my blog. If they do, they should be offended. This one did cross the road to get away from a chicken loving thief.

      It’s pretty lame, but this was all I could come up with to ammuse myself and the people who stumble on to this space.

      I’ll work on something positive about chickens for the future. Look for it.

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