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fear and loathing

Posted in democrats, liberals, news and politics on November 28, 2010 by Word-Drum

Atlas Shrugs:

Obama’s IRS SS Denies Z Street Tax-Exempt Status Because of Israel Support But Hamas Terror Group CAIR Gets IRS Tax-Exempt Status


What can I say, it’s more bad news
O’s IRS, they don’t like the Jews
J Street, the Jew Hater’s choice
Soros money, buys a loud voice
but Z Street, the voice for Jews
under attack for their pro-Israel views
Where are we going? What can we do?
I can’t raise the issue with your average Jew
He is a liberal, and bringing us down
believes debauched comics, believes a clown

Will Christians save us? and together we win
or will jihad be released and tyranny come in
the beacon of freedom is losing it’s light
the darkness again, perpetual night
In no time, events can change fast
two years more, how do we last?

The government’s evil, Obama, Holder
the Left’s insane and could be no colder
For Liberals, ignorance is no excuse
they’re working with evil, or of little use
Guess I knew it could always happen
marching along, jokin’ and laughin’
Maher, Lebowitz, they should of known
The Left can’t leave the Jews alone
Not just Israel, but all who oppose them
oppression is easy without God and wisdom

weak hip-hop in review

Posted in music with tags , , on November 19, 2010 by Word-Drum

John Gibson gets out the rap sheet on today’s rappers. Word-Drum gets out the Big Book of Black Music(The Big Book of American Music).

My prognostications on hip-hop have been proven wrong in the past. I thought it was finished about ten years ago. But it then replaced rock as the best selling genre.

That was the end for me. This pop-hop lost it’s creative edge. Back then Missy Elliot‘s “Get Your Freak On” was a a huge hit and a great record (I loved the World Music – Hip Hop fusion). Or Destiny’s Child was called hip-hop. It’s not rapping but it doesn’t get much better than that gospel based vocal group. They had it all: The voices, the producers, writers, and the essential element: The Big Beat.

The Big Beat is a given thing. It goes back to the roots of man in Africa. But when you pick it up to play like a saxophone, you should know how to play and not simply use it and abuse it. Some have abandoned it in hip-hop to create a new bubble-gum music.

The only tracks by Eminem I sort-of liked (mostly because they were amusing) were his first songs produced by Doctor Dre. Gone the Big Beat for a faster lighter bubble-gum beat. It worked for Slim Shady but groups like the Black Eyed Peas just sound like crappy pop music. On the other hand, posers like 50 Cent use the Big Beat and add nothing to it. He has nothing: no voice, no skills, and mediocre producers.

I know out there somewhere there is still some great hip-hop being made. But when I hear what’s popular, it discourages seeking it out. There have been some very high standards set for Black Music, and Popular Music in general. Now the bar is set pretty low and it’s surprising since my expectations are high for the people who created jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, etc… the worlds most loved music: Black Music(American Music).

The Big Beat is there like the earth. Many of us need it in at least some of the music we listen to (or make). I don’t think we will ever be through with it, but I’ve lived in Europe where mostly they get along without it. But this is America. It might not of been born here, but it grew up here and is our sampled heartbeat, looped and locked in a pulse that’s as steady as a rock. This rock must still be plastic and shaped with a human hand.

Producers have tried to make something with the paltry rhymes given to them by today’s rappers. Maybe some of them being musicians would be better without all these ignoramuses lucky enough to have careers in music(yet they’re not musicians).

The Big Beat should not be the sole province of all this weak hip-hop. Or perhaps I was right: It ended about ten years ago as an art form. Now it’s part of the liberal assault on Western Culture. It’s the soundtrack to the decline of the West.

the fix

Posted in word-drum on November 17, 2010 by Word-Drum

President Song & Dance spoke in slow motion. Even at such a slow rate the ‘ehhs’ and ‘you knows’ were everywhere. Where he at? A half hour earlier, in the Smoking Room, he had his fix. It eased the growing panic. The world disappeared. The dope surrounded him with a wall of warm feeling. It dulled the part of the brain that brought self awareness. He knew that the Kennedys used drugs and everybody loves at least two of them. He needed it like he needed his teleprompter…even more. He got high to dream his life in his books. So high he needed Ayers to shape his incoherent invention and factious autobiography. Even his name was made up and never officially changed from Barry Soetoro. Nodding out he was Barry in his dreams, selling eightballs for Uncle Frank in Hawaii as a young teen. High in the sun he learned the meaning of life from him. The Mainland was far away but he learned it’s history and politics from the Communist Poet, Pedophile and Dope Dealer. No one could touch him now. He was President and he could do the shuffle with the best of them. People knew he was there to fuck them up. Socialized Medicine was the key to the big screwing of the Bourgeoisie. He strengthened the foundation for the revolution that the generation before him envisaged. Or the real dreams of his father: put the fix on The Man. President Get Even was slow and fumbling but he had to take a few questions it’s part of the dance. But when he nodded out in the middle of a rambling answer it didn’t matter. There was snoring throughout the press room. They had nodded out too. Bored to sleep the world disappeared.
Hear the song  Afraid Of What You Know

the collective

Posted in economy, word-drum on November 16, 2010 by Word-Drum

Free Style rhyme on the crime of the
from which the Constitution is methodically
Word of the Drum
with the right perspective…

Statist would end
The American Dream
make businessmen and women
not what they seem
class to class you pass
it’s what we are given
Your up or your down
not stuck in a prison

If it should come to pass
you move up to another class
that’s The American Dream
not going green
America ain’t Kindergarten
where nobody’s mean
it’s a fluid scene, up, down or in between

A large middle class needs the rich
Don’t listen to the Democrat’s pitch
(there’s a safety net that taxpayers stitch)

The collective made the Cubans poor
yet their hearts and music soar (into a ditch)
it’s with the collective that we are at war
it’s in place and going without a hitch
(check the schools, the collective writes the rules
and still bitch)

If you don’t want to join the collective
you’re an American: make your own niche

round up

Posted in obama with tags , , on November 16, 2010 by Word-Drum

The new Suns beat the Lakers. That’s cool but I’m still missing Amare.

People hate Obummer. That’s cool. Hamas loves him and he has enough self love to compensate. You have to worry about how the cold fish leftist will handle rejection.

The son of a commie drunk who abandoned him and a commie whore mother who also split, Barry has many scars (probably some on his behind from Frank Marshall Davis).

His psychological profile makes Hitler look almost normal. But since his is an Afirmative Action Presidency, maybe he thinks it doesn’t matter if he sucks. Perhaps he will try to come down on all opposition in a tantrum like a pinko dictator. Yeah Barry, that’ll work!

I will give thanks on Thanksgiving to the Founders for devising our system of governance. It won’t bear a tyrant even if he is tranformative according to millionaire TV liberals.

Frank said coffee and cigarettes are a food group. They are for me. First thing OBamBam did was raise taxes on my smokes. Now coffee is rising quickly in price.

He promised he would not raise taxes on The Working Class Proletariat. But he will tax, devalue the dollar, and if he could get away with it, he’d round us up and shoot us in the head. He knows he’ll never convince his opposition and many who voted for him, of anything ever again.

The dream is over. That’s cool. Be cool BO. Chill for two years and then cash in. You’ll soon be richer than Billdog Clinton. You’re outflanked and outnumbered. More tricks, lies, or going for Odinga-style State violence will leave you up shit’s creek.

video: commie tunes

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Hat tip Commie Blaster

don’t cry for me…

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Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Let us salute these great Patriots and thank them for doing the hard work, fighting the good fight, and surviving it all.

I don’t enjoy watching men cry. Boehner or Beck can cry into their pillow, I don’t need to see that.

Back in my New York days I did some acting. I was Musical Director of a small Off-Off Broadway theatre group. I did some bit parts. Acting is easy, anyone can do it. Kids play act all the time and so do most adults: it’s part of work and doing business.

If I was acting today, and my character had to cry or get choked up, I would probably start thinking about the old Veterans, especially the under appreciated Vietnam Vets.

And to really get the tears rolling, I would think about the amazing younger Veterans who volunteered for the Iraq and Afghan wars. Choking up not because of sadness, but out of heartfelt unconditional love for the American Soldier. Love like members of the Armed Forces have for each other. But not as great since I’m not a member of that elite group. I’m just a citizen who is grateful for freedom. Thank you Veterans and welcome home.

It’s thrilling that Allen West won in Florida. Veterans like him will lead this nation to unsurpassed prosperity for all and true greatness based on Constitutional values. This will enable America to continue to lead the world that is still in darkness and bring it along into the light of freedom.

There are so many great groups that support our beloved Veterans.

                                     Semper Fi Fund

If you can, drop some dough on the above mentioned fund. Do it for them, do it for yourself, and do it for your old pal Word-Drum because he can’t at this time.

There’s nothing like offering a job. Spouses have also sacrificed much. These military families are special people. Privately they have shed many tears. They cried for the hardships of separation, and worse: for horrible wounds suffered by their loved ones(DAVs). Yet they walk proud with their head up. Why shouldn’t they!? They are married to people with great skill, honor, and heart. God Bless them all.

listen to Word-Drum’s song  Soldier Of Light

fort hood: is it safe?

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It would be safer if soldiers carried loaded side arms. Does that make me a genius!?

Gun Free Zones Kill.

God Bless the souls of the dead and all of the wounded victims in this bloodbath for Allah. He never has enough blood. From Sirhan Sirhan to the next act of jihad coming tomorrow: WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Michelle Malkin:

Fort Hood Massacre: One year later

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre at the hands of jihadist soldier Nidal Hasan.

Thirteen men and women, plus the unborn child of Pvt Francheska Velez, died in the bloody rampage.


tea party don’t pay my rent

Posted in economy, obama era, word-drum on November 5, 2010 by Word-Drum

Ready for welfare, or a J O B
a job fits better with my philosophy
but Big Ears f’d up the economy

He did it for Ché or the NEA
a demon quest, but don’t matter what I say

Ready for healthcare from Doctor O
rather pay my dentist with my own f’n dough
O would give this Jew: Doctor Jihad
F me up bad, cause Allah ain’t my God

Gotta taste for government cheese
but Whitey must say more than please
F it, don’t really want it anyway
lookin’ hard for work: I got a gig today!
and tomorrow again, cause I’m an American
rise like a phoenix ain’t goin’ round the bend

(and you don’t stop)


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