round up

The new Suns beat the Lakers. That’s cool but I’m still missing Amare.

People hate Obummer. That’s cool. Hamas loves him and he has enough self love to compensate. You have to worry about how the cold fish leftist will handle rejection.

The son of a commie drunk who abandoned him and a commie whore mother who also split, Barry has many scars (probably some on his behind from Frank Marshall Davis).

His psychological profile makes Hitler look almost normal. But since his is an Afirmative Action Presidency, maybe he thinks it doesn’t matter if he sucks. Perhaps he will try to come down on all opposition in a tantrum like a pinko dictator. Yeah Barry, that’ll work!

I will give thanks on Thanksgiving to the Founders for devising our system of governance. It won’t bear a tyrant even if he is tranformative according to millionaire TV liberals.

Frank said coffee and cigarettes are a food group. They are for me. First thing OBamBam did was raise taxes on my smokes. Now coffee is rising quickly in price.

He promised he would not raise taxes on The Working Class Proletariat. But he will tax, devalue the dollar, and if he could get away with it, he’d round us up and shoot us in the head. He knows he’ll never convince his opposition and many who voted for him, of anything ever again.

The dream is over. That’s cool. Be cool BO. Chill for two years and then cash in. You’ll soon be richer than Billdog Clinton. You’re outflanked and outnumbered. More tricks, lies, or going for Odinga-style State violence will leave you up shit’s creek.

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