the collective

Free Style rhyme on the crime of the
from which the Constitution is methodically
Word of the Drum
with the right perspective…

Statist would end
The American Dream
make businessmen and women
not what they seem
class to class you pass
it’s what we are given
Your up or your down
not stuck in a prison

If it should come to pass
you move up to another class
that’s The American Dream
not going green
America ain’t Kindergarten
where nobody’s mean
it’s a fluid scene, up, down or in between

A large middle class needs the rich
Don’t listen to the Democrat’s pitch
(there’s a safety net that taxpayers stitch)

The collective made the Cubans poor
yet their hearts and music soar (into a ditch)
it’s with the collective that we are at war
it’s in place and going without a hitch
(check the schools, the collective writes the rules
and still bitch)

If you don’t want to join the collective
you’re an American: make your own niche

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