fear and loathing

Atlas Shrugs:

Obama’s IRS SS Denies Z Street Tax-Exempt Status Because of Israel Support But Hamas Terror Group CAIR Gets IRS Tax-Exempt Status


What can I say, it’s more bad news
O’s IRS, they don’t like the Jews
J Street, the Jew Hater’s choice
Soros money, buys a loud voice
but Z Street, the voice for Jews
under attack for their pro-Israel views
Where are we going? What can we do?
I can’t raise the issue with your average Jew
He is a liberal, and bringing us down
believes debauched comics, believes a clown

Will Christians save us? and together we win
or will jihad be released and tyranny come in
the beacon of freedom is losing it’s light
the darkness again, perpetual night
In no time, events can change fast
two years more, how do we last?

The government’s evil, Obama, Holder
the Left’s insane and could be no colder
For Liberals, ignorance is no excuse
they’re working with evil, or of little use
Guess I knew it could always happen
marching along, jokin’ and laughin’
Maher, Lebowitz, they should of known
The Left can’t leave the Jews alone
Not just Israel, but all who oppose them
oppression is easy without God and wisdom

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