ghost post

Come in here.

What’s this?

It’s a BLOG. That stands for “Finding Fault With Others” in some unknown language.

Who cares what you think?

You do, because you’re here?

So what do you think?

I think it’s going to rain.

Is that a metaphor, asshole?

No, you are.


You’re not real, I made you up.


Since I get thousands of ghost hits, no one has written a comment in months.

The ghosts don’t say boo?

Only if I make up the dialogue. Search Engines combine words on a blog. If you have used the word ’torture’ they will combine it with any other word used. Hence I get searches like “boy torture” or “gay torture.” I’m glad these ghosts don’t make a comment since I have enough of an idea of what’s on their mind.

Who are you finding fault with today?

The people that used to be known as “Public Servants.” That’s a lost concept. Now it’s just a giant Left-Wing conspiracy taking over the government.

What does a jazz musician know about it?

We improvise on a structure. In American society our structure is the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It’s a merit based system. We can’t all be Coltrane. Sticking to the union at the expense of everything else is far from Public Service. The giant Left-Wing conspiracy is rotten(like a self-styled jazz musician who can’t play the blues) and unsustainable (like me listening to hits from the early 80s).

Well, you’ve convinced me. Ha, Ha.

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