love, music, and the chomper

(Word-Drum Reminisces to Get the Blogging Juices Flowing Again)

She was only about four feet tall, but she had a perfectly proportioned body.

She’s the only girlfriend I’ve had who did not like to kiss. Wendy was a New York girl and everything about her was weird to a young kid from the Mid-West.

She was best friends with another strange New York girl and friend of mine who also studied with my composition teacher. We were both McKinley students. This differentiated us from the other student composers at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Each teacher’s students reflected a different artistic outlook. We were Dionysian.

These two girls and some other of my friends at the time, had attended Music and Art High School in New York City. They were all crazy and brilliant.

My doll-like girlfriend was a student at MIT. She was studying politics with the twisted Noam Chomsky and often referred to him. This was before I wasted so much time reading his books and being indoctrinated into the Left. My first reactions to subjects like ’Liberation Movements’ was to question the premise. It only took me my entire adult life to get back to reality about politics.

A few months later I was totally in love with another girl from school who was the complete opposite of Wendy (except we were all Bohemians). Laila was a tall, blond, beautiful and wild Latvian singer, totally different than the dark little intellectual. She used to mock and make fun of Noam Chomsky’s writings. It was an inside joke with us to quote him.

Yet I went on to get even more radicalized after that. But that happened after I lost my muse as a composer when I entered Graduate School.

The fling with the little curvaceous one only lasted a short time. I don’t know what eventually happened to Wendy or most of my friends at conservatory at that time, unless they made it. After conservatory, her friend and mine, went on to join a cult. That’s the last thing I heard about my fellow composer and crazy person.

In the field of music, if you never hear about someone, that means they didn’t make it. It’s the free market that decides for the most part. But connections don’t hurt. Political Correctness is essential to receiving grants. Beyond academia there is a vast universe where good work is rewarded, say in film music. But of course you must be PC in Hollywood too. But you can’t just be “interesting” and PC, but skilled at your work.

It didn’t work out at Yale Grad School so I moved to New York. After a year I went back to school at Columbia. As I have written about here, I was by then a big lefty. I also rekindled my relationship with Laila who also lived in the City. It was not like it was with her because the passion before was greater than anything that followed for me.

In New York, Laila was also the singer in my band. Most of my songs were political. Just what the world needed, some Avant-garde left-wing music!

I continued to write left wing songs and rhymes right up to 9/11. They are some of my best stuff but I don’t believe it anymore. They do have some integrity since they were made from the heart. And with music there is always something beyond words.

You probably wanted to hear more about the little chick. But that is just a memory and beyond (polite) words.

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