eehh, you know

If you can listen to EEHH, YOU KNOW, or you say EEHH or YOU KNOW before or after nearly every word you speak…YOU MUST BE A LIBERAL.

“eehh, you know, Bush…”

“eehh, you know, Green Jobs…”

EEHH is not a word, but to libs it shows you are thinking. You might be thinking as a lawyer, like most Democrat politicians (trying not to say anything that could be used against you in court).

Hillary just says EEHH, YOU KNOW George Bush – and all the Libs know what to think. They know. They don’t even have to say EEHH, there is no thought involved in bringing up hatred for Bush (who happens to be a liberal Republican).

Liberals believe in Global Warming, the rest of us believe in God.

They say they hate oil, coal, and nuclear power. They love windmills and solar power.

EEHH, YOU KNOW that shit doesn’t work. Windmills ain’t the future, they’re the past. They kill birds and don’t supply enough energy for modern humans.

But life is not a priority to Liberals. They want to “save the earth.” Without energy (the liberal energy policy) the earth will kill life with cold and other elements. You could say that the earth wants to kill us.

EEHH, YOU KNOW the earth loves smoke and fire and doesn’t need a bunch of gay liberals to save it.

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