floating drum

Two years of this blog and coming on 50,000 hits. It’s not a place where I tell you what I have for breakfast or say too much about my personal and work life. Freedom of Speech sometimes means being anonymous to be free from reprisal (from angry liberals and Islamo-Nazis).

I do get tempted to talk about the liberal I work for who takes all my tips for himself. I could write a story about someone who would do that. I might call him Barack Obama Sr., but if he saw it, he’d know who I’m talking about.

In these times any kind of job is hard to refuse. I’m now floating an offer to work on a cruise ship. But eleven years living and working abroad has taken away all sense of adventure. I would be happy to never leave the US again. But if a new enterprise I’ve started doesn’t work out, I’ll probably have to go to sea. At least I’ll have regular meals and keep my tips.

One of the reasons why I moved to my current location was that it was perfectly positioned for war, natural disaster or economic collapse. This seemed wise with the Demonrat victory of 08.

The bunker is on a hill close to my work and shopping. I can walk or get by with little fuel. It’s close to my small town yet far away from a large city where things will go to hell fast in an emergency. I have fire power and ammo stock. I’m prepared to hunt for food if necessary. There’s game all around the area.

Being stuck on a ship outside of America in an emergency, away from my bunker, brings some trepidation. President Obozo only increases my concern. Anything could happen. I lost my taste for New York City partially for this loss of control in a crisis.

                Today’s forcast for New York City:       

                          Chance of rain and Islamo-Terrorist attack.

Plus, working on a cruise ship is not the same as taking a cruise. They don’t even give me my own cabin.

I learned long ago (the hard way) as a musician, not to accept every gig. Your rights in foreign countries are tenuous. Trouble is not always worth the money even if surviving it makes you stronger…if you survive.

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