liberal occupation

Even though this blog gets some hits, I don’t think I’ve converted anybody or made any friends (enemies yes, but I have enough of them). It’s hard out there for a Bohemian-conservative. Just like the more conventional blogs I posted for during the election, Word-Drum hasn’t slowed the onslaught from the left.


I sometimes feel like I’m living under occupation. And will soon be living like in the movie “The Pianist.”

The only steady gig I can get in this town is with this poser who takes all the tip money I make for him. It could be reparations, since he’s a commie/huckster Obama man. He has the power and thinks he can get away with it since the other liberals who hired him think he’s an authentic jazz musician — because he’s Black. Unfortunately that’s not all it takes. Just like O, he’s a fake. He can’t play or lead a band.

Then my liberal mother told me to move back to Europe if I don’t like Obombie.

                           If it weren’t for Bad Luck…

If it’s like that, my own blues band is the answer. I have written some new tunes (instead of blogging into the ether) and hopes are high for getting free from of my current work situation.

As for politics, can you say President Palin!?
(There I go again making enemies.)

3 Responses to “liberal occupation”

  1. I just found you blog for the first time today while looking for an image to use for an upcoming post at my place. I will be using this one & linking back to you:

    I like your blog, I added it to my blogroll.
    It must be hard to be a musician who isn’t a brainwashed prog. We need to take our culture back and support artists who aren’t subversives for the enemy. Best wishes to you for success in your endeavors.

    • Thanks Zilla. I have added you to my blog roll. Let’s Roll!

      • I’ll be putting together my post tonight (hopefully), when I add a hyperlink to your picture for my readers to find you, I’ll send it to your main page so hopefully they’ll look around at the coll stuff you’ve got here. Thanks for adding me to your roll too!

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