the creative edge

Maybe the creative edge will come from the far outer reaches of the Internet: the idea or method to break through to the general public. To magically turn liberals into conservatives in order to save Western Civilization before it’s too late.

Why not me!? It’s not impossible. Former lefties like Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart, and Word-Drum, know the enemy from the inside, and have turned around and dissected the left, leaving them exposed.

This endless election cycle only makes us all frantic and unable to penetrate the left-wing fog. And as the economy crumbles most of us are consumed with mere survival: tackling or falling down on our economic responsibilities.

Since this state is not new to me, and in the past, desperate times have led to blasts of creativity and creation — for no good reason. It could happen that I find the formula for a conservative triumph against the Left.

Readers know I love Sarah Palin. I’ll probably work for her if she gets in the race. Three years ago I supported Mitt Romney (I was part of “Blogs For Mitt”). Since he has come out for Global Warming (like Socialized Medicine, the climate-change scam is a ’gateway drug’ to communism) I cannot support him. I never loved Mitt, I just thought he was safe.

By the time we have a nominee, and I’m probably sleeping under my car, it could come to me.

Now is the time for Republican strategists to think outside the Beltway and listen to the voices of the rugged individualists who used to typify this country. Even if they are a little weird.

4 Responses to “the creative edge”

  1. Bill589 Says:

    Typically I despise politicians, but somehow I love Sarah too. I trust her. Trust – a word I never thought I would associate with a politician.

    Btw, Frank Zappa was my idol growing up. Scared the crap out of my parents, but I didn’t turn out too bad. Well, not very bad anyway.

  2. Her handling of the media, by doing an end run around the assholes, is something to marvel at, and learn from. Our girl is clever, but can we help her to cut through the BS coming from The Haters (liberals).

    Trust is everything. Let’s see what happens if she decides to run. I trust that she will fight for a clear conservative message to defeat Obama – even if she doesn’t run. But what do I know!? I might of been a Rock Star if Zappa didn’t screw me up when I was a kid.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by Bill589 (Do you know Bill588?)

  3. Bill589 Says:

    Bill588? Ha ha.

    I’m a retired expert motocross racer. 589 was my novice and amateur number, and I even kept the three digit number when I earned expert rank – just to be different.

    I’m also a musician, which is why I respect FZ so much. I’m sad that Lennon was shot, I was hurt when Cobain killed himself, but Zappa’s passing is the one that effected my friends and me most.

    I don’t do this much anymore – except for once a year, on or around memorial day, six or seven of us walk through the woods to a cliff overlooking a beautiful trout river, and smoke a few bones in his honor. It’s the least we could do.

    • I too was really saddened by his death. He was no slacker and left quite a legacy. He was just starting to be taken seriously as a Great American Composer (even if it was the French who provided him with an orchestra).

      I hope you retired from racing with all your parts still working.

      Composers do well with old age mostly, Zappa didn’t get that chance on earth, but where ever he is, he probably has a studio and is working on something.

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