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sum, sum, obummer time

Posted in obama with tags on July 15, 2011 by Word-Drum

Nothing going on here this summer. So I called my old classmate from Columbia U, 1982. He talked to me from the links where he had just smoked a fatty.

“B, what it be?”

“Just chillin’”

“Ayers doesn’t return my calls, but you called me right back. I knew when I met you that the Movement would be unstoppable if you were part of it.

“Revolutionary Charm is what you called it. I gotta thank you Word. The Movement gave me the confidence I needed to take this thing all the way.”

“Right On, Brother!”

“We are so close.”

“I know you won’t let those Teabaggers take you down.”

“You know what I’m doing. I’ll split the Right and walk back into the White House next year.

“I await your orders. I’ll start packing since I want to take you up on your offer of a big house and all it’s contents, taken from the Capitalist of my choice. But after the Revolution I don’t want to be too ostentatious.”

“Movement people will be protected.”

“I know B. Thanks for the shipment of arms and ammo.”

“You got it, my man.”

“There’s just one thing, Mr. President. It’s about that bag of weed we split back at school in New York. I really need the money now to help pay my rent.”

The phone went dead. I guess I’ll have to wait for the revolution to get paid.

the last day

Posted in obama era with tags on July 2, 2011 by Word-Drum

Independence is a two-edge sword.

In my song Independence> from the early 90s, a mercenary type rides through the land, wielding a sword called Independence. Back then I thought it was a tool of the rich. But like watching a Hollywood movie, you have to expect this from a liberal (like I used to be), and try to find what’s true, interesting, and evocative.

American Independence is something to celebrate…it’s carrying it out that is hard. For it to work we must be trustworthy citizens…honorable people. The Founders knew we were all sinners, and this contradiction adds to the poetic nature of our existence. We must pass through the fire without getting burned.

The Left have given up. They have left the building. From some unknown location, they wage perennial war on the other side (of nowhere). Most of the country seems to be in this disembodied state. It is unstoppable for all the reasons stated in my 5 years of blogging.

The firing of a million liberal teachers and professors is not going to happen. The undemocratic steps needed to preserve American Independence won’t be taken. Were all “stickin’ to the Union” now. Government is run by the Left. They’ve won.

Happy 4th!