the next small thing

This blog is just a baby. Two and half years old but born of 9/11. Word-Drum gets it’s most visits on that date. This year broke last years record 887 hits, with a whopping 1,436. It’s rather morose that more people enter my realm because of that evil stupidity.

It’s time for a change. (No, not all Sarah, all the time; No, not another Gun blog – I can’t afford them anymore; No, not Jazz or Hip-Hop either, they’re still dead).

The Bohemian-conservative Movement hasn’t exactly taken off. Bohemians can’t be conservative in certain States. And politics just leads to violence.

A two and a half year old can’t pay attention for very long. Liberals, Jazz and Jihad now bore this Monk Baby.

The whole obsession started when I heard that Islamists would ban music.

And liberals were the ones who started the whole ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll’ thing.

If music is banned, I’d have even less gigs, and teaching music would make me feel even more guilty (it’s hard enough now to be a musician while it’s technically legal).

‘Rock and Roll’ was from my parent’s generation, I played ‘Rock’ when I was a kid, until those jerks turned back the clock.

But enough of that. There are better things to blog about…like…well I don’t know yet, but don’t be surprised if next time you’re here it’s goodbye Frank Zappa, hello Driving Tips For Lesbians, or How To Turn Your Old CDs Into Energy Saving Insulation.

Yes, Bohemian Conservation might be the next small thing.

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