personal defense fantasies

Hey you gun nuts! What is your minimum and maximum personal defense/survival needs?

Ideally, guns are about the right tool for the job. If you can’t have all the tools my feeling is a 45 with high capacity is necessary for personal defense. I could be dead wrong, but for human targets, a spray of 45 ACP rounds can be as good as a shotgun blast.

A good 45 and a backup pistol would make me feel secure. Then a rifle for hunting is needed if there is a Semi-State of Emergency: where food distribution is stopped.

If we go Code Red and it is something like a State of War, then you would need a rifle. My choice would be a AR-15 (or a real M16) with a grenade launcher. With plenty of ammo for each firearm, I would at least have a fighting chance.

P.S. I noticed there were very few used FNP 45s for sale on line. None in the style I want. Folks must like the FNP and are holding on to them(I want to hold on to one too). On the other hand, a fancy 45 I wanted a year or two ago, the Para ‘Gun Rights’ with a 14 round capacity, was being sold for half price.

2 Responses to “personal defense fantasies”

  1. Here’s something to think about if you’re looking at TEOTWAWKT and ammunition.
    Some autoloaders are finicky about what they like to run smoothly on, and will jamb with what they don’t like. In the apocalypse, you might not be able to get the ammo your auto likes.

    A revolver will eat anything in that caliber (or both .38 and .357) that you pot in the cylinder. Of course they’re generally limited to 5 or 6 rounds, so there’s a trade-off.

    As for riflery- the AR platform is really accurate, but likes to be clean. The good old hand operated ones(bolties, pumps, leverguns) will work as long as you can put ammo in the chamber.

    As far as I’m thinking, a lever action in a pistol cartridge (.38/.357, .45colt…) has the advantage of one size fits all and you don’t have to worry so much about mixing and (not) matching.

    Here is a post from where Jeff tested a .357 boltie and said it would make a good medium game hunting rifle.

  2. I have the Ruger 10/22 for hunting small game. I need the 45 (don’t ask me why). My scenario is for a single person. I was just trying to get comments, so thanks.

    My knowledge and experience is pretty thin when it comes to firearms. I’ve never gone hunting or shot a 45 ACP. I understand about the auto loading. I did have a problem with certain ammo. Ideally I would like a 357 Magnum too.

    You nailed it in your post about Obama pulling out of Iraq. I was thinking the same thing (choppers fleeing the American Embassy in Saigon.)

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