rated L


American society has met most of the demands made by liberals (no wonder we are so f-cked). The rating system for movies is not necessarily one of these endless demands. It’s mostly there so parents can decide what shows and movies their children are exposed to.

But what about me!? Of course I know Hollywood is a cesspool. But just like everyone else, I still love movies and stories. The pukes in Hollywood don’t know they are pukes. I don’t know if that will ever change. Nothing phases liberals. They are built to be liberal to the end. I’m sure their last thought before being consumed in a nuclear fireball would be: “It’s Bush’s fault.” or something like that.

Last night after work, I looked for a movie to watch. By the star, I would not normally watch the film I chose. She’s a skinny, ugly, squeaky voiced bitch that passes for a star in the shallow waters of Hollywood.

Living out Hollywood’s twisted left-wing fantasies, in the movie, a group of Graduate Students become murders. They kill people they don’t like. Their first victim was a Marine. The genius’ who made this movie decided to make this former Marine an anti-Semite. This would make killing him more justified to the larger public. For the makers of this film, the fact that he was first shown as a Patriotic Marine was enough of a reason to murder him.

I didn’t watch long enough to see him killed. But for acting such a ridicules role, I did not care what happened to this actor, or to watch such a piece of shit from the rich commies in Hollyweird.

I could not help think of the US Military Personnel who helped to liberate the Concentration Camps at the end of WW II. And since then, all the American Heroes who have died fighting the Jew-Hating Islamo-Nazis. I don’t think Hollywood cares about them. They care about Liberal Jews (who are Liberals first and foremost). They care about themselves.

Rated L : “Entertainment” offensive to Patriotic Americans.

5 Responses to “rated L”

  1. "patriotism is virtue of the viscious" Says:

    .6 of US pop. are sociopaths, w a 310+ million pop thats = 180,000++ clinially antisocial personalities. a small % do not vote but it is known that these mostly “charming” people always vote conservative so they can fit in. cover for all things truly criminal not just ofensive to you personally. 80+% of all serial killers and mass murderers vote republican.

  2. Leftists are antisocial. Their communist leaders are prone to mass-murder. They eventually kill their supporters too. You are crazy as a teacup… but it’s a free country.

    • "patriotism is virtue of the viscious" Says:

      .6 % of leftist are antisocial no more. an communism and the left are not synonimus in fact communism was and is populated by conservatives. fact.

      • "patriotism is virtue of the viscious" Says:

        I think it interesting that i found this blog via a communist icon on google images after typing 30-0-0 which is fertilizer an theres frank zappa liberal and catholic defintely not conservative.

  3. Are you done!? Or are you trying to occupy my blog. Go away, I don’t believe anything you say or care what you think. fact.

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