turn it up

The Left will never stop smearing the Right. They will cling to their lies about us to the bitter end. What else do they have?

So let’s turn up the heat. When we call them commies we are not lying. But when they say we hate everyone and everything, including the earth, it’s a lie. They make up Straw Men, we can just be honest about the F’d in the Head Liberals.

When I call Democrats: Demonrats, it’s not a lie. They are against God and always side with our enemies in war.

Like many conservative minded people, I am concerned for the future of this great nation. The freedom and prosperity that was fought for by our ancestors could be lost. And not replaced anywhere else on Earth.

If we just all vote for Romney and hope for the best like we did with John McCain, with an electorate that could make Barack Hussein Obama POTUS, we could very well lose.

Though I believe Mitt would be a very good President. He, or his spokesmen, should make a concerted effort to call out the Left. If it is not Romney’s style, then let others lay naked the bigots and fools we call liberals.

I might exaggerate a bit to make a point (that’s the nature of this blog) but at the heart of it, it’s all true about liberals. They must be stopped. True they have no shame, but we must give them back some of their own medicine. We should demonize them, and not stop until their power is broken.

2 Responses to “turn it up”

  1. william wallace Says:

    The problem with being of conservative /republican nature
    be it based on an illusion / such an fundemental fault in it’s
    structure predicts its own destruction / via a natural course
    of material disintegration / though one taking into account
    a ever repeated forming /as disintegration of the universe,

    The fault of conservatism / republicanism is the lacking of
    the knowledge in bridging that which is / as that which was.

    Whats the answer for conservatism as republicism / that
    it be complete ?. Answer / remove the fundemental flaw
    of its creation of it’s birth ?. Thus completing Lifes circle.

    Go forward by gaining in knowledge of creation / creator.

    How Is Such To Be Done ?. For such task one needs an
    Spiritual Teacher ( (take note NOT religious but spiritual
    teacher) there be an great differ betwixt the two kinds of
    teachers ( a explanation of such presently I will put aside.

    Throughout history there be spiritual teachers / amongst
    them is the “Teacher of Teachers” in present times such
    “Teacher of Teachers” be ( Prem Rawat ). King of Kings.

    On PC search put (words of peace). On Site a selection
    of videos which prem rawat explains /talks of meditation
    in one turning the senses inward /doing such bringing a
    unfolding of the spiritual self. Not ideas. Not beliefs. Not
    of a heaven or paradise somewhere beyond the clouds
    but in one having such practical “Spiritual Experience’s”
    that one granted a clarity in understanding / answering
    all ones questions. Whom am I ?. What be the purpose
    of creation of Life?. Is there a God ?. Is there a Heaven.

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