obummer stickers 2012

Don’t worry, we call everyone racist.

Democrats are angels. We have no past. Just believe us.

Yes, we were racists once. So we know racism when we see it.

Kill the Rich! (unless they are Democrats)

Hackery Pays. We gets paid and so can you.

Democrats: We dine on your money, have bigger hotel rooms and houses – we must be doing something right.

We have a lot of Jews, but we still hate Israel and G-d.

We’ll keep you safe from the racists, sexists, homophobes who want to kill everyone.

Straw Men for Obama

Corporations aren’t people. Fetuses aren’t people. Republicans aren’t people. Let’s destroy them all. Vote Democrat.

Vote for us, America isn’t so great.

We believe everything we hear. We only listen to ourselves.

We call people names. It’s cool.

Religion is for saps. We’re smarter.

OK, we didn’t build your business, but we can sure as hell can destroy it.

We’ll protect you, we only want most of your money. We’ll leave you something.

We don’t have to break your fingers, we have the IRS and Police Unions.

On your knees! We own this country.



Stand Up For Chuck!

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