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weak hip-hop in review

Posted in music with tags , , on November 19, 2010 by Word-Drum

John Gibson gets out the rap sheet on today’s rappers. Word-Drum gets out the Big Book of Black Music(The Big Book of American Music).

My prognostications on hip-hop have been proven wrong in the past. I thought it was finished about ten years ago. But it then replaced rock as the best selling genre.

That was the end for me. This pop-hop lost it’s creative edge. Back then Missy Elliot‘s “Get Your Freak On” was a a huge hit and a great record (I loved the World Music – Hip Hop fusion). Or Destiny’s Child was called hip-hop. It’s not rapping but it doesn’t get much better than that gospel based vocal group. They had it all: The voices, the producers, writers, and the essential element: The Big Beat.

The Big Beat is a given thing. It goes back to the roots of man in Africa. But when you pick it up to play like a saxophone, you should know how to play and not simply use it and abuse it. Some have abandoned it in hip-hop to create a new bubble-gum music.

The only tracks by Eminem I sort-of liked (mostly because they were amusing) were his first songs produced by Doctor Dre. Gone the Big Beat for a faster lighter bubble-gum beat. It worked for Slim Shady but groups like the Black Eyed Peas just sound like crappy pop music. On the other hand, posers like 50 Cent use the Big Beat and add nothing to it. He has nothing: no voice, no skills, and mediocre producers.

I know out there somewhere there is still some great hip-hop being made. But when I hear what’s popular, it discourages seeking it out. There have been some very high standards set for Black Music, and Popular Music in general. Now the bar is set pretty low and it’s surprising since my expectations are high for the people who created jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, etc… the worlds most loved music: Black Music(American Music).

The Big Beat is there like the earth. Many of us need it in at least some of the music we listen to (or make). I don’t think we will ever be through with it, but I’ve lived in Europe where mostly they get along without it. But this is America. It might not of been born here, but it grew up here and is our sampled heartbeat, looped and locked in a pulse that’s as steady as a rock. This rock must still be plastic and shaped with a human hand.

Producers have tried to make something with the paltry rhymes given to them by today’s rappers. Maybe some of them being musicians would be better without all these ignoramuses lucky enough to have careers in music(yet they’re not musicians).

The Big Beat should not be the sole province of all this weak hip-hop. Or perhaps I was right: It ended about ten years ago as an art form. Now it’s part of the liberal assault on Western Culture. It’s the soundtrack to the decline of the West.

talk radio hip hop

Posted in talk radio, word-drum with tags , , , , , on March 31, 2009 by Word-Drum

thumbnailca6ee40yBoasting was a mainstay of Rap Music. I don’t know or care if it still is since Hip Hop has lost its appeal to this music lover.

East Coast West Coast rivalry reached a violent peek with the shootings of Biggy Smalls and the last truly great Hip Hop artist, Tupak Shakur.

Boasting of ones skills was part of the dance and those with skills did this with humor and in a way that fit into the form. The drive-by shootings were not the music. This went beyond boasting, the law,  and the form of music called Hip Hop.

In radio there are certain laws. Break these laws too many times and the quality of the broadcast suffers. As I have written, ego is essential to success. Word-Drum never forgets the Greeks: “All things in moderation.” Excessive ego in a radio talk show hosts poisons the other important issues and messages raised.

The King of Talk Radio has a near perfect balance of ego and decorum(the laws of radio). Rush never insults the other talk show hosts. Mark Levin, who I love and respect, however, does too often dis other hosts in competition with him. This is boring.

I’m starting to listen to a bit of Savage again. The killing of four Police Officers in Oakland sickens me.  But he too makes this fatal mistake and together with being a little crazy( I should talk) his broadcasts are uneven and flawed by free style boasting with no groove, rhymes, or dope lyrical content.