American, jazz musician, dilletante. Word-Drum is the Bohemian conservative. He tried to be a “Citizen of the World” and couldn’t get a passport for that place. 

Then they blew up New York.  9/11 was a litmus test and the Left failed. Word-Drum left the Left and found his Inner Patriot. Quite happy to be Pro-Life, Pro-Freedom and Pro-Military.

Though Word-Drum has recorded(under a different name) several CDs, which are commercially available, visitors to this blog get a special treat. These are mostly demos and live recordings that can only be heard here. SkyDrive is where you go to hear the songs. It’s free and safe.

Click SkyDrive, then click on the song or album you want to hear.

Sky Drive (free song downloads)

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Just out of curiousity, what’s with the Frank Zappa motiff thing?

  2. can’t really say…it’s a conceptual art thing.

    Zappa is an iconic figure in American culture. He was the most successful American composer. I wear a Frank Zappa mask to represent disgust with hypocrisy. As unique as he was, Frank had common sense and the rugged-individual American spirit.

    He is remembered and I will borrow only his image, as a symbol of the most creative country in the world: the USA, where only someone like him could of come from, and forge his own success as an artist. He also puts a smile on my face and on most who view his image.

  3. I dig your site. I’m a conservative musician who doesn’t write boring music. It’s a lonely life, but I’d rather be lonely than surrounded by liberals. Good to know you’re out there!

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